10 Keys Kalimba Thumb Piano

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10 Keys Kalimba Thumb Piano

The Kalimba consist of a wooden soundboard with steel keys that players depress and release with their fingers to create a tranquil, bell-like sound. This thumb piano is a great instrument for music lovers, and anyone who picks up one of these instruments can make a great sound right away.

Push down on a key with a thumb or finger, and when the key is released, the vibration resonates in the wooden body, making nice sound.

A Perfect gift for friends and family that you’ll want for yourself!

Smooth surface, nice polish, very beautiful and delicate.
Small in size, easy to carry and store.

Material: Birch & Steel
Item Size: 17 * 12.8 * 2.9cm / 6.7 * 5.0 * 1.1in
Item Weight: 213g / 7.5oz
Package Size: 18.7 * 13.5 * 5.5cm / 7.4 * 5.3 * 2.2in
Package Weight: 271g / 9.6oz

Package List:
1 * Thumb Piano

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